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Please complete this form in its entirety to be considered for the next round of webinars. Webinars are accepted on a rolling basis, but forms are processed and webinars are scheduled on the following annual cycle:
• Forms submitted between March 16-July 15 have webinars scheduled from September 1-December 31.
• Forms submitted between July 16-November 15 have webinars scheduled from January 1-April 30.
• Forms submitted between November 16-March 15 have webinars scheduled from May 1-August 30.

TRB seeks webinars that include multiple perspectives. Therefore, suggestions featuring persons of color, women, young professionals, and a wide geographical representation are favored.

Contact EFerrell@nas.edu for a Bulk Excel form if submitting multiple proposals. Webinar proposals sent in by Word Documents will NOT be accepted.

For any questions, contact Elaine Ferrell at EFerrell@nas.edu
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Webinar Description: In 3-4 sentences, provide a description of your webinar content. If the webinar is based on a TRB report or conference session, describe how attendees would be able to use the information from said report or session in their work. Do not discuss methodology or provide a summary of chapters/sessions.
Webinar Outline: Provide 2-3 high-level topics that the webinar will cover. If you can, including timing of each topic and which presenters are covering which aspects.
What is the “call to action” in this webinar? What will attendees be able to do after attending?
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