NAGTC Meetup Topic Suggestions
In an effort to make sure Meetups are covering topics that are most relevant and useful, we ask that Contributors give topic suggestions for upcoming Meetups. This form will be used by all regions and the same form will be used each time.
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Deep Dive Topics
What topics would you like the presenter to dive deep into? Think of this as more of a "sit and get" with questions from members.
Open Forum Discussion Topics
What questions would you like to ask the entire group? This would work like an Open Forum where the presenter will show a question and let the group have discussions (presenter will be hands off). Ex: Do schools "block all" or "Allow all" apps and extensions?
Breakout Discussions
Is there a certain topic, question or solution you'd like to work on with a (smaller) group? Think of these as mini user groups or thought groups. These breakouts would be led by each group, presenter is hands off.
School Showcase/Share
Don't be shy! Show off a little bit! If you'd like to present something during the meetup let us know. Give us a summary of what you'd like to show and contact information.
Anything else? Do you have a fun activity? Please let us know!
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