Leadership Team - Professional Study Team Application
This application is designed to outline the work of Leadership Teams. Upon completing the year's professional learning and leading, participants can earn 1 hour of professional development and salary credit.

1.) This application should be completed PRIOR to your first Leadership Team meeting.
2.) Unless otherwise indicated, we will charge the school for the $15/person registration fee upon application approval.
3.) Keep a record of meeting dates, attendance and a summary of meeting topics.
4.) To receive credit, the team will submit:
* A record of the meetings
* Any artifacts/products that show evidence of the team's work and impact on student achievement (i.e. agendas, working agreements, formative data, video clips, exit slips, student work samples, etc....)
* Reflections from each team member on their learning through this leadership experience
5.) These materials should be uploaded to a Google file shared with you by Jean Jennings.

Individual team member's reflections are due at the end of year and should answer the following questions.

1.) How did your participation on this team help to develop your understanding of a continuous school improvement process? How has the Leadership Team positively impacted your school?
2.) List two ways that your collaboration skills improved after participation on this team.
3.) Reflect on the processes used during your team meetings to ensure meaningful dialogue.

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Data/Background Information
The Leadership PST is an ongoing professional learning opportunity for school leaders and teachers. Leadership Teams provide the leadership and support needed to implement the school's Unified School Improvement Plans. The team builds capacity and works to sustain ongoing school improvement efforts.
What are your school/leadership goals for this school year? (What do your students need to know, understand, and be able to do?) *
School goals are aligned to the district UIP goals.
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What specific data would you highlight for your goal alignment? (How do you know?) *
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How will your work result in improved professional practice and/or increased student learning? (How will you know when you are successful and students have achieved the intended goal?) *
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Summary Product
Describe the product/artifacts that will be evidence that you are making progress toward attaining your goals. Be sure the summary product aligns with your data and goals. The summary product must be a concrete product and/or artifact(s) that will be submitted to the Office of Professional Development upon completion of your project. *
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