The REDEEMED Midlife CEO Application
Hey Friend- Looks like you want to get to the HEART of where your TIME is going in Midlife + Biz...and start to REDEEM your Time together!  Let's make sure this program is a good fit for YOUR needs...and you're a good fit to be part of OUR Tribe of Christian Women Entrepreneurs!  

If it feels like we'd be a good fit, I'll reach out right away with the link to get started.  Sound good?
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1. What are you currently JUGGLING between your Life + Biz lately? Tell me as much as you'd, family, friends, work/service/business, finances, health, passions, home... *
2. Do you have a business, plan to start a business or open to starting a business one day as the Lord leads? It's ok if you don't...this program will still help you lots! *
3. Where are you feeling SCATTERED, STRESSED or STUCK with regards to your time?  It can be in this season of life or in your biz...and the more specific you can be, the better... *
4. What are your CHALLENGES around time COSTING you in your Life or Business?  Think about the impact on your health, relationships, home, finances, faith, joy, success...again, the more specific the better *
5. What have you TRIED so far to fix the issues with your time that's WORKED (or NOT worked)? What's been helpful in the past? What has not helped? How consistent have you been in implementing it?  *
6. Just curious, how much does your FAITH impact how you want to spend your TIME? Is it a major factor or not really a consideration? *
Hardly at all
It's Everything!
7. How READY are you to see lasting change when it comes to your TIME? *
8. How willing are you to INVEST in your growth to see sustainable change around your TIME? Working with me inside this 12 month program starts at $4997 with a payment plan option if that makes it easier...and I promise, if you do the work, it will yield MULTIPLE TIMES that value! *
9. What else do you want me to know about you, this season of your life or this stage of your business? The sky's the limit my friend...
10. How did you hear about the REDEEMED Midlife CEO?  I'd love to hear what God used to draw you to this TIME + PLACE...
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If you answered "A FRIEND" to #10...tell me,  WHO referred you???  
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