Grade 2
Course Overview: This Grade 2 Language Arts/Reading course builds core language arts and reading skills with opportunities for students to engage with different types of texts and writing structures.
Course Overview: This Grade 2 Math course emphasizes base-ten notation, fluency with addition and subtraction, using standard units of measure, and describing and analyzing shapes.
Course Overview: The Grade 2 Science course investigates animal life, plant life, weather, water, and physics, as well as technology and astronomy. Engaging on-camera experiments and examples help deepen students' understanding of the concepts presented. Course topics include: Plants and Animals, Food Chains and Life Cycles, Earth's Resources, Weather and Seasons, Matter, Energy, Forces, Motion and Sound, Space and Technology
Course Overview: The Grade 2 Social Studies course begins to explore how the student fits in the world as a member of a community, a country, and the world. It introduces maps and discusses how industry and government work in the U.S.A. Grade 2 Social Studies presents US History from the early Native America
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