Detroit Cru Vision Dinner Commitment Form
We would like every single person or couple watching to fill out this form. There are two sections - a giving section & an about me section to let us know you have tuned in tonight. On the very bottom there is a space to share prayer requests or comments you have about our virtual event. After you click submit at the bottom, you will receive a link that will enable you to set up your giving through Cru. Thank you for joining us!
Questions? contact Dan Trepod at 313-332-3368
GIVING: I am trusting God to use Cru as one of His special tools to reach students and faculty. And, trusting Him to increase my own faith, I promise to pray and ask God to supply the following support for this purpose in the coming year. I would like to give...
#1. What amount will you give tonight?
#2. What amount will you commit to within the next 90 days?
#3. What amount will you commit to within the next year?
#4. And/or if you would like to make a monthly commitment, please fill in the following section in monthly gifts (choose one)
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