Stache Pag Contestant Form 2020
Hey Competitor!

Fill out this form to streamline the event and to make sure you make us look as good as we can. Oh, it's for you too.

If you've never competed, the Stache Pag is part talent show, part beauty pageant, part costume contest and part facial hair contest. It's a pageant.

The Stache Pag be held at the Portland House of Music and Events, on Saturday March 28, 2020. Please plan to be there at 6:30pm for registration and free beer.

We'll be in touch with more info as the date approaches.

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5-second bit (10 to 15 words) you want the host to read while you are on the catwalk. We reserve the right to edit for length, style or taste.
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Theme song
we'll try to accommodate you, and we'll get in touch if we can't
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Facial Hair-aoke song
Karaoke song you will actually sing (not lip sync) for 30 seconds if you make the finals. YOU SHOULD KNOW THE WORDS, as there will not be a prompter.
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