1UpOnCancer Promotions Manager
Thank you for applying for the Promotions Manager position!

The Promotion Manager position will require supervising various promotion-related projects and campaigns along with developing promotion products that will attract potential sponsors and promoting services for applicants.


- Work with Marketing, Events, and Public Relations to discuss topics such as concepts, required decks, timelines, budgets, contracts, marketing plans, and selection of advertising media to showcase at each event campaign.

- Plan and develop promotional content for platforms (e.g. content for Twitch, Mixer, and Youtube) promoting merchandise through 1UpOnCancer.

- Work with Events and Sponsors to ensure their requirements are met for each campaign.

- Work and design concepts for merchandise for online platforms and at conventions.

- Actively research and maintain the online merchandise store.

- Collaborate with the Office Manager to maintain appropriate merchandise inventory.

- Attend events and procure official content, photographs, and interviews with attendees to share via Marketing or the Community Manager on social media platforms.

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