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Everyone’s got one. Maybe you brought down prod, wrote some really bad code, have experienced some really strange software development practices, or worked in a very odd environment. We want to hear about all of it.

The general format of this event will allow 1-3 minutes per person to tell stories that actually happened to you. We will do our best to allow everyone to share their story directly or anonymously, through one of our storytellers (i.e. emcees or volunteers). There will not be any slides so please keep that in mind. Remember we may not all be well-versed in your technology so try to use metaphors to explain the complexity so it's easy for anyone to understand.

For more details, please see our event page ( Check out the full schedule for Minnebar15 (, and register for Minnebar15 here (!
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Open with a strong line, build intrigue! Make sure you write it to be read out loud. Tell us what was at stake! Practice it out loud, remember to keep it between 1-3 minutes (max 5 minutes). Try not to meander and do not give details unrelated to the core of the story. Also, please avoid mentioning names, companies, or anything else that might allow someone to identify those involved (especially if you want to remain anonymous).
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