Advanced Academics (GT) - Educator Referral
Please complete this form in its entirety. There is a lot of information requested but this is to ensure that we are thorough in our consideration of your student for our Advanced Academics program. Once this form is received, a permission letter for assessment will be sent home. We cannot proceed with the assessment process without signed consent. All forms and requests are sent to Lindsay Bell, Somerville ISD's Advanced Academics Coordinator. You can contact Mrs. Bell at or by contacting the Elementary School at 979-596-1502.
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Bright Child vs. Gifted Learner
Below are some differences listed to help you distinguish between a bright child and a gifted learner (Janice Szabos, "Challenge"). The lists do not describe *all* the traits and attributes of gifted children, however, it is a good reference to assist in recognizing distinguishing characteristics.
When have you observed this characteristic? *
Almost Always
Not Observed
Selected by peers for positions of academic leadership.
Chooses deeper problems over simple ones.
Organizes and brings structure to things, people, and situations.
Uses unique and unusual ways to solve problems.
Displays a great deal of curiosity about many things, often going beyond conventional limits.
Possesses a large storehouse of information about a variety of topics beyond the usual interest of the age.
Reasons things out, thinks clearly and comprehends meanings, makes generalizations and draws conclusions that summarize complex information easily.
Expresses interest in understanding self and others.
Is alert and keenly observant and responds quickly.
Strives toward perfection, is self-critical, is not easily satisfied with own speed or products.
Seems to sense what others want and helps accomplish it.
Tends to direct others in activities.
Is able to work through frustration and maintain focus.
Sees flaws in things, including own work, and can suggest better ways to do job or reach objective.
Displays a mature sense of humor.
Has unusually advanced vocabulary for age level, uses terms in a meaningful way.
Areas and Examples of Behaviors
Please select "yes" or "no" for which area(s) may apply to your student. Please give specific examples of behaviors for which you selected "yes" to support this area of nomination.
General Intellectual Ability *
Processes new information quickly, uses advanced vocabulary, sees connections in concepts, focuses for long periods of time on special interests, or enjoys solving puzzles and problems. (If you selected "no", type NA) *
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Specific Academic Ability *
Shows unusual/advanced ability in reading and/or math (please specify below). Thinks logically and symbolically about quantitative and spatial relationships, can articulate a thorough and detailed response, sees multiple pathways to solve problems, or thinks abstractly and shows insight into novel situations. (If you selected "no", type NA) *
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Creative Ability *
Has a vivid imagination, unique ideas in problem solving situations, may be a risk-taker, adventurous, non-conforming, often asks "why" or sees the unusual. (If you selected "no", type NA) *
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Leadership Ability *
Organizes and leads groups, carries responsibility well, tolerant and flexible with peers, possesses good self-confidence, or may be overbearing at times. (If you selected "no", type NA) *
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Please include any other information which you believe is relevant and would assist us in getting to know the student's interests and abilities. (Ex: exceptional work samples, academic accolades, outside testing results, evidence of participation in outside educational programs.) These items may be sent to the school c/o Mrs. Lindsay Bell or digitally sent to *
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