CLOSED. 2019 Tekko Craftsmanship Contest Registration Waitlist
This form is reopening for a spot on the waitlist. If spots open up in the contest, registrants will be contacted in the order their application was received.

In the Craftsmanship Contest, cosplayers are judged on the construction and accuracy of their costume in a private, scheduled interview with a panel of experienced judges.

Please review the all of the rules below before registering for this competition. They can be found at

If you are entering as a group, please submit only ONE form. The person submitting will be responsible for sharing the necessary information to the other group members.

I understand that I am applying for a spot on the waitlist only, and this is NOT a guarantee of a position in the contest. *
What is your full name? *
This should be your legal name as it appears on your ID. It will not be shared outside of cosplay and con-ops staff members.
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What is your cosplay handle, or preferred stage name? *
This is whatever you will respond to. We will use this name to call you into the judging room, as well as for announcing when you go on stage for walk ons and awards. If you go by your legal name, put that here (we'll use first name and last initial). If your name is unique, please include a pronunciation guide. If you have any privacy concerns, please include in the notes section, or email
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Pronouns *
Email address *
Make sure this is one you check often. All official correspondence will be done through this email. If you are a group leader, it is your responsibility for distributing all necessary information to your group.
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What division do you wish to compete in? *
All contestants will be competing based on skill level. If you are unsure where you belong, please email . Please reference the Tekko Cosplay page for more information.
If you selected 'Junior' what is your age?
The Junior category is meant to encourage young participants to develop their crafting skills. As such, Junior entries must have made most of their own costume. Costumes made by adults for juniors cannot compete at the Junior level and must compete at the skill level of their creator.
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How many (estimated) costumes have you made? *
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How many awards have you won on the merit of craftsmanship? *
Please list the titles of any awards that you remember. You don't have to make a comprehensive list, don't worry if you can't remember them all! For example, "I've won five awards, including Best in Show Tekko 2009 and 3rd Journeyman Otakon 2016."
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What costume are you entering? *
Please be specific as possible including character name, series, and version. For example, "I'm entering my Elias Ainsworth cosplay from Japanese manga The Ancient Magus Bride" or "I'm entering Ahri from Riot Game's League of Legend in the K/DA skin."
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If you are entering as a group, or using a model for your costume, please list their preferred names, pronouns, and characters here.
You don't need all group member's legal names, but make sure they are the names they wish to be made public. For example, "Sarah P. (she/her) as Kanna, Dragon Cosplay (he/him) as Quetzalcoatl, and myself as Miss Kobayashi, all pajama versions" or "Andrew M. will be wearing the Alucard costume I am entering."
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Where is your costume sourced from? *
This year, official designs or “fan art” designs of licensed characters are welcome to compete. Original characters will not be permitted. Art book variations or fan art reinterpretations (ex: gijinka) will be allowed with accompanying reference materials.
Contestants are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to attend the Masquerade this year for awards. Would you like to do a stage walk in your costume? *
You don't have to decide now, and you can change your mind up to the moment you're on stage. Please speak to staff if you are unable to attend.
Is there anything else you need us to know, such as privacy concerns, mobility or vision restrictions caused by your costume, or any personal accessibility requirements?
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OPTIONAL: Do you have a Twitter or Facebook page dedicated to your cosplay that you would like Tekko to tag while sharing images taken at show?
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OPTIONAL: Please link a reference image of your costume.
We are testing out a system that will allow reference and progress images to be shared digitally. If you would like to participate, make sure that the image is publicly viewable. Sites like Photobucket and Imgur are recommended. We still request that you bring reference images with you to your judging session in case there are issues downloading your photo.
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