InnerSpace Integration Support Providers Network Application
Hi! We are excited that you are interested in joining the InnerSpace Integration Support Providers Network. Our goal is to connect the community to therapists, counselors, coaches, and healers in Southern California that are experienced with psychedelic/entheogenic integration. Please share your motivation to work with us, your background and credentials, and your experience with non-ordinary states of consciousness. We look forward to collaborating with you!
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By joining the InnerSpace Integration Support Providers Network, you will be included in a hand-curated list of professionals that are aligned with ISI's vision for psychedelic integration. Through our web platform, you will be featured on a special Provider's page where our clients can contact you directly for your services. You will also receive a one-time "Featured Provider" highlight in the monthly newsletter sent to our ISI community. The yearly cost for the feature is $80 plus a 15% commission fee per first service rendered to each client gained through the network. *
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