Circus Kaput - Circus Apprentice Program
Open to youths ages 15-18
Positive, upbeat personality
Excited to learn new skills
Must have Saturday availability
Must have reliable transportation to and from events

This is an opportunity to learn basic circus skills including running carnival games, making cotton candy, juggling, balloon twisting and entertaining at events. Teens in the program will receive training in both performing and how to work with the public. The program teaches responsibility, business skills that translate to any industry, and is a great way to make new friends. Learning circus skills builds critical thinking and increases self-confidence!

Training time is not paid, working at events is paid.

Participants are expected to complete a minimum of one year with Circus Kaput. Potential further employment is possible.

Previous teens have become some of Circus Kaput's top paid performers after completing apprenticeship.

Interested? Fill out application below. Applications must be filled out by parent or guardian. Chosen applications will move on to an interview, which both parent/guardian and teen should attend.
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Age *
Can you drive or do you have regular transportation? *
What is your weekend availability? *
Do you have any job experience? If Yes, describe. *
Do you have any circus, gymnastics, or performing experience? If Yes, describe. *
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