New Earth Realized Participation Guide
Welcome to the participation guide of New Earth Realized. The following questionnaire is meant to guide you through understanding your role throughout this amazing journey. All answers represent choices ‘in this moment in time’ and thus can be changed as you feel lead to do so.

The purpose of this guide is to provide a clear path of participation in the unfolding of a New Earth Realized. Use your inner guidance to determine where your talents can contribute most in co-creating a New Earth Realized. If you feel you need help in communicating with your guidance within, please visit this link to learn an easy way to do this through a process called Auric Bodies Communicating. More can be read on this process at

Your answers will be collected and sent to the Implementation Team Administrators, who will connect you with the team(s) of your choice. Answers are confidential and only your contact information will be made available to those who fall within the same NERIT System Groups.

Please make a note of your selections. The Implementation Team Administrators will send you an email with your Group/Program assignments, along with your teams contact information.

If you have questions about this process or need help, please contact a member of the Help Desk at this link:
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Should I support New Earth Realized? *
Should I support New Earth Realized financially?
Your answer here will not be shared. This is for you, as you are so guided, to understand your finacial contribution. If you are lead to contribute financially, donations can be made on the New Earth Realized Website.
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Should I be an active participant? *
New Earth Realized Active Participation Guide
Below is a chart we have been guided to provide which outlines the various pieces of the whole to the New Earth Realized. The guidance questions are meant to help you understand which teams for which your talents can best be utilized at this time. Each role is important to our goal. Contact information is available for others who received “Yes” for each section. As you are lead, meet with your teams for more clarity.

If you feel lead to learn more before choosing what area or path is best to take here, please visit to read more about each area of focus.
Active NERIT Participation Guide Chart
Should I participate in the Implementation Organization Team? If Yes, check one or more of the following roles.
Check the box beside each NERIT role for which are you have been guided to participate. Only check the box if you receive a "Yes". This section is only for the "Implementation Team" Section. For more information visit
Should I participate in one of the 5 New System Implementation teams?
These team are working directly with one or more of the teams in developing and/or doing the actual ‘implementation processes’ on a local basis. Local can mean ‘city’ or even ‘country’. that will be touching daily the hearts and minds of local populations.
Clear selection
If you received a Yes to an Admin Team, check one or more of the following roles.
Only Check the box if you receive a “Yes” from your inner guidance. If yes, check one of the following beside each NERIT role for which are you have been guided to participate. Only check the box if you receive a "Yes". This section is only for the "New System Admin" team. To read more about each System, visit:
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