Empower Me Membership Application
Mailing address P.O. Box 6078 Concord, NC 28027

Thank you for your interest in being a club member. Our goal is to support "YOU" by EXPANDING, BUILDING, LEARNING and CONNECTING with new or potential customers. Being a valued member, you will be the first to know about our upcoming events, opportunities and SAVE UP TO 50% on our marketed events. The membership fee discounts applies for the event that is organized by Empower Me and Kitokos.

As a member you will have a chance to attend our accounting, book keeping, customer services education and marketing workshop events. The Yearly fee is $ 24.00 . We look forward to helping you help others and growing the small business marketplace.
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There will be $24 non refundable yearly membership fee.
I accept all responsibility of selling during the time that I am at the Kitokos LLC/Empower Me event. I am fully accountable and responsible for all activity that happens in the event space provided by Kitokos LLC/Empower Me. Kitokos, LLC/Empower Me assumes no responsibility for any injury or accident that occurs on the premises during any event.
I agree to the terms and conditions in the membership application You are not registered for the event / membership until your application and payment have been received. And you will be notified once your payment and application have been received. You will be given additional information. Please Submit Questions or comments to Nadine at empowermeevent@gmail.com. We look forward to working with you soon!
You are not registered for membership until your $24 yearly membership fee has been paid. The $24 yearly membership fee is due on first of each the year.
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