Senior Superlative Nominations Round 2 - Nominee Tie Breakers
The following people have received some votes for one or more Senior Superlative categories. These people have not been nominated yet. This is NOT a final vote. Because we had so few nomination forms turned in, we have to break some ties among the lower vote getters for a given superlative. Others not listed have already been nominated because they clearly had the most votes. In fact, all 14 categories are NOT even listed below. This is just a "tie-breaker" round for certain superlatives so we can get a clear third place nominee for the categories listed below. We will have final voting on the actual nominees some time in November.
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Most Spirited Male
Most Athletic Male
Best Looking Female
Most Talented Male
Most Talented Female
Best Smile Male
Best Smile Female
Most Likely to Succeed Male
Best Personality Male
Best Personality Female
Biggest Flirt Male
Biggest Flirt Female
Most Popular Male
Most Original Female
Best All Around Male
Best Dressed Female
Friendliest Male
Friendliest Female
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