2019 Summer Camp Intern Application
Thank you for your interest in being an intern at Summer Camp! We are thrilled that you would like to contribute to our 11th summer program, and take part in empowering our youth community through creative expression.

The 2019 dates for camp are:
July 15-20
July 22-27

Program Requirements:
In order to participate in camp as an intern, you must be 14-17 years old, and have 2 years of previous rock camp experience! Interns will not receive instrument instruction, but may perform in a band throughout camp and at the Showcase.

Please fill out the application below, and reach out to programsupport@raincityrockcamp.org if you have any questions.

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You must be aged 14-17 at the time of camp to intern with us.
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Creating a Rock Camp community that reflects the diversity of Seattle is a priority. In addition, we are occasionally required to report on the demographics of our programs, in aggregate, anonymously. Providing the following information will help us meet our goals. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
Please check any and all that apply to you, or write your preferred identity.
Which sessions of camp have you attended as a camper? *
You must have attended at least two sessions of an RCRC camp in order to be an intern. Check all that apply.
Training requirement *
All interns must attend the band coach/instrument instructor training session on the evening of June 25th, 2019, as well as the intern training on July 13, 2019. Please initial here to indicate that you understand you MUST complete both sessions in order to be an intern.
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Presence requirement *
Being an intern at Summer Camp is a full time position, 8:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday plus the Showcase, 10:00am-3:00pm on Saturday. Please initial here to indicate that you understand you need to be present at camp during these times in order to be an intern.
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