Helping Hands Program Help Request Form
This form is for a member of our community to make a need known to our Helping Hands Program so we can try to help. A person can request a need for themselves/their own family, or a person could be aware of someone else with a need. Either way this form is meant to collect as much information as possible about what the need is and who it would need to go to. This is intended for members of our community including students and their families, and faculty/staff.

Confidentiality Statement: the information provided on this form will go to our Helping Hands Committee, school leadership and Parent Service Organization leadership, who will help prioritize needs that come in, and figure out which needs we can find help for. While we may give general examples of needs being met to help promote the program, we will never share the specifics of who was helped, why, etc. outside of our committee, the recipient, and whoever filled out this form (if that is a different person).

Note: filling out this form is no guarantee that we have the resources to meet the need.

Are you making this need known for yourself, or referring a known need on behalf of someone else? *
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