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In the wonderful world of skydiving, being a sponsored athlete means becoming an extension of that company. In an industry with such tight profit margins, investing in sponsored athletes is a significant expense for manufacturers, so we want to make sure the fit is just right.  We at Velocity seek to sponsor individuals who want to become a part of the VSE family, and want to help us grow as a business while we help you grow as athletes!

What we are NOT looking for: Skydivers who simply want (and expect) free gear.  If you are just shopping out the best offer you can get (be honest with yourself) then we probably are not your best bet for sponsorship.

What we ARE looking for: People who love and want to actively promote the Infinity at dropzones, and on social media. We want content marketers! We want people who already know about the Infinity harness-container system, and who can talk about it's features when asked. We want good communication and follow through! We want active skydivers - LOs, Instructors, industry employees, traveling dropzone bums! We want positive, likable, radtastic, stupendously amazing, and fun-loving people! If that sounds like you, then please complete to following questions to help us better get to know you, as well as get a better idea of why you would be a good addition to the Velocity Sports Equipment family.
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