February 7-9 2020 CISV Mini Camp
Get excited because CISV Saskatoon will be hosting our first mini-camp of 2020 with the theme Beyond the Board a board game minicamp! What will we be doing? You guessed it: learning and discussing importing world problems trough fun and exciting board games! But don't worry, there will still be games that aren't just board games. Whether you are new to CISV, or you’ve been involved for many years, we would love to welcome you to our mini-camp! Here are the details:

Who: Youth aged 10 and up.
What: A weekend camp in beautiful Beaver Creek. Expect exciting indoor and outdoor activities, awesome youth-led discussion and of course lots and lots of games!
When: Drop-off at 7 pm on Friday, February 7 and pick-up at 12 pm on Sunday, February 9.
Where: Salvation Army Beaver Creek Camp, 15 km south of Saskatoon and east of Highway 219.

$110 CISV Member
$70 CISV Member Sibling
$135 Non-Member **
No charge for adult supervisors

** CISV Membership is $75 per family (or $25 per individual) per year. You can purchase a 2020 membership now and get the member rate for this Mini Camp.
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