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You have, at some point, received a call from our company asking for your fax number. We are a publishing company that offers (for a fee) continuing education training courses. Our faxes are notifications of upcoming training courses that will meet the requirements for your profession. We also on occasion offer published works from various authors and/or instructors that offer training.

We service the following professions:

Tax preparers
Enrolled Agents
Child care providers
Nursing Home Administrators
ALF/Nursing home staff
Electrical contractors
Fire service personnel

To remove your fax number from our system, you MUST provide complete ACCURATE information requested below. Failure to give us complete information, or accurate information may prevent us from locating your fax information in our database, which COULD prevent us from removing your number from our system, and you would continue to receive faxes. This information will only be used by us for this purpose and will NOT be shared with any 3rd party for any reason.

Items below with a * are REQUIRED for us to process your Fax Remove Request.

All fax remove requests are handled within 72 hours of receipt. Some fax programs are set-up 6-10 days in advance. Your fax number will be removed immediately, and will be effective on the next data update. You may receive another fax before the data update takes effect. By supplying incomplete data, we cannot guarantee prompt and complete removal of your fax number from our system(s).
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