Bet On Me Bonus Scene
Did you enjoy Bet On Me and want more from Alaya and Cole? Want to know what happened when the couple returned to England? I've written a bonus scene for those of you who do. To claim your copy, all you have to do is leave a review on your favourite retailer and fill in this form.

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Your answer
Where did you review?
Only one retailer is required to claim the bonus scene. However, posting to more than one is greatly appreciated since reviews are incredibly important in helping indie authors become discovered.
Link to review
Please provide a direct link to your review (which can be found by clicking on the title of your review on the product page and copying the URL) so it can be verified before a bonus scene is sent to you. Failure to include a direct link will result in your request for a bonus scene being denied.
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This has no impact on whether or not you receive a copy. I'm simply curious.
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