Cyber Safety Quiz
As I travel through social media, information I should never give out to someone I meet online is *
On my Facebook page, I should not have the following information posted on my profile: *
If someone sends me an inappropriate message/material, I should *
If someone I meet online asks me to keep things a secret from my parents, I should *
As I use social media, I should never *
I'm visiting a site from a company that I've heard of. They want my name and phone number so I can enter a contest. Is it OK to enter? *
My parents' and I have established rules as to what I can do on the Internet when I'm home, but I'm at a friend's house. Should I go by my parents' rules or do whatever my friend does? *
I'm online and I get a message from my Internet service provider asking for my password. They say they need it to fix my account. Should I give it to them? *
Phishing is when someone tries to pretend they are someone else and ask for or manipulate you into giving your personal information. They may also act like they are someone else on line in order to try to convince you to meet them. *
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