Milford Village Parks Survey 2019
The Village of Milford is in the process of developing a new Master Plan for the Village's parks system. We would like to know what is important to you, your family and the village. Your survey responses will be included in the final document, so please respond as soon as you are able. The survey should take about five minutes. If you have any questions, please contact the Village of Milford at 248-684-1515. All surveys are confidential and anonymous. Thank you for your time.
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Are you a resident of the Village of Milford? *
Milford has a healthy amount of parks and natural green space in the village, as well as in the surrounding area. Was this a factor in choosing to visit or live here?
(Do you consider green space as a quality of life issue that is/was important to your decision to locate/work/play here.)
No. Other factors had a larger influence
Yes. The parks and natural environment were a a major influence
How do you typically travel to the parks in the Village?
Have you noticed any physical (or other) obstacles to accessing or enjoying the parks?
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About how many times did you or anyone in your family use the following park in the last year?
Not at all
A few times per year
1-5 times per month
1-5 times per week
Central Park
Southside Park
Hubbell Pond Park (YMCA, bikepath)
Fairgrounds Park (Huron Street)
Arthur's Park (fmr. Riverview)
Center Street Park
Janowski Field (Peter's Rd)
What do you typically do in the parks?
Select more than one, if applicable
There are many ideas for improving our parks system. Please indicate your preferences from the following list and rate their importance:
Low Priority
Should be looked at
Somewhat important
Very important
Top Priority
Boat and canoe launches on the river
More benches in all of the parks
Bike racks
Play equipment in Fairgrounds Park
Play Equipment in Southside Park
Water spray park
Ice skating and hockey rink
More recreational equipment, such as shuffleboard, playground amenities, etc.
Improved walking path along the river
Educational amenities, such as tree identification plaques
Expanding the hiking/biking trail network
Preserving the natural open space and viewsheds
Skatepark/BMX Park
Please select the three goals that are most important to you and your family:
Please use this space to add your comments about the parks in the Village:
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