Imagi-Con Cosplay Rules and Registration
Are you interested in being a part of the cosplay contest? Please submit the information below to register. There is no entry fee, but there are some really cool prizes! So get to work making the best costume you can!

The following rules apply to all contestants. All rules must be read and adhered to in order to participate in the Cosplay Contest. Due to spacing and time constraints, this contest will be for walk-ons only.

We reserve the right to ban or remove any attendees who do not follow the rules or are creating a disturbance or hazard for other attendees. Please be courteous and respectful to others, and have fun!
Contestants must be (12-18) years of age to be eligible to participate.

Contestants may only enter one costume into competition.

All participants will be required to provide a few sentences about the character their costume is based on at the time of registration.

Costumes exhibiting paraphernalia of any military unit in existence after January 1900 or any replica of such will NOT be permitted.

Exceptions for individuals on active military duty wearing their respective uniforms may be made; these individuals may be asked to show military identification.

Note: This includes law enforcement from all branches of the government.
All costumes must be homemade and/or home-assembled to be eligible for prizes.

Commissioned, purchased, rented, or commercially made costumes will only be allowed to enter to take photos.

No nudity, profanity, political, or religious statements or signage, or racially insensitive material/costumes are allowed during the contest.

Shoes or boots are required. Be aware of safety concerns. If your character does not wear shoes the lack of accuracy will be forgiven; consider flesh-toned or clear shoes.

No electrical power connections will be provided. If your costume requires power, it must be part of your costume design.

Large and/or elaborate costumes must be handled by the contestant and any assistance provided by the contestant. Staff will not be able to provide assistants for you.

All weapons and props must be brought to the prop check station for inspection by staff. Any item(s) as well as some costumes may warrant inspections as well. The prop check station will assess any problems on site and on a case by case basis. Staff will also be happy to answer any question regarding these items.

No real weapons. Weapons are not allowed. Sword, knives, or any other metal objects with an edge are prohibited.

Real firearms are not allowed nor are working projectile weapons.

Metal bats, pipes, large wrenches and/or shovels are NOT allowed.

Large foam props are allowed (swords, hammers, etc.) as long as they are not be used inappropriately.

Anything with wheels, with the exception of wheelchairs, are not allowed inside the building. This includes skateboards, scooters, bicycles, etc.

Large costumes must be no more than 2 feet in all directions. due to the blocking of traffic flow and other hazards.

Large props must be peace-marked. Pointing weapons at anyone not in your Cosplay group will NOT be tolerated.
Costumes will be judge by IMAGI-Con staff based on originality, creativity, and costume detail.

All participants will receive a designated number that must be attached and easily visible by attendees. The number can be obtained at the Teen Loft desk.

Attendees will be given a form to nominate cosplay contest participants. This form may be obtained at the Teen Loft desk. Attendees may nominate ONE(1) cosplay contest participant only once in each category.

There are to be 3 awards categories available:

Awards will be presented shortly after the end of the Cosplay Contest.

Prizes must be claimed on-site. No prizes will be mailed to any winners.
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