HWC Reopening Survey - May 2021
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your responses are vital to the decisions that are being made related to reopening our church for worship and ministries.

At this time, with COVID cases continuing in our area, and in accordance with ongoing DOH guidelines for our area, our plans are based on the expectation that we will follow the protocols of social distancing and wearing masks. These measures are intended as a way of expressing our love for each other and for others with whom we come into contact.

If you are interested, the latest guidelines may be accessed here: https://www.governor.ny.gov/sites/default/files/atoms/files/ReligiousandFuneralServicesSummaryGuidance.pdf

Though we have a plan, we want to emphasize self-monitoring. We encourage you to stay home and continue to join us through streaming:
- If you are at high risk
- If you are uncomfortable with social distancing and mask guidelines
- If you are unable to comply with social distancing and mask guidelines

We ask you to stay home and join us through streaming:
- If you have a fever or respiratory symptoms

If you are unable to attend in person, please know that we are committed to maintaining the current online opportunities, including Sunday morning streaming quality and virtual children’s ministry resources.

Please complete one survey per bubble/household (the size of the household group you are sheltering with and with whom you would attend).

Please note: there is a space at the end to leave any comments you have for any of the questions.

The survey will be open until Sunday, May 23rd.
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Name of household (optional):
How many are in your bubble/household that would attend a worship service? *
What age ranges are represented by your bubble/household? (Check all that apply.) *
How do you currently worship with HWC? (Check all that apply.) *
Why do you choose your time and place to worship with HWC? (Check all that apply.) *
If you are not already doing so, when would you feel comfortable returning to indoor worship? (Check all that apply.) *
While we are still under Covid protocols, which time would you prefer for INDOOR, in-person services? *
As we move into summer, which time would you prefer for OUTDOOR, in-person services? *
We offer the Community Room as an alternative location at the Church to stream the service with a small group of people. Do you have any interest in using it? *
Now that we are offering a modified Children's Church/Sunday School during the sermon, does this change your mind about coming? *
If we were to offer nursery (0 – 2 years) with screened workers (temperature check and health questionnaire), would you use it? *
What would make you feel comfortable sending your kid(s) back to children's ministries? *
If you have tried and been unable to return to in-person indoor or outdoor ministries, what has hindered you in doing so? *
As we reopen more, would you be willing to volunteer to help with various tasks created by the protocols (e.g. greeting, ushering, set-up/tear-down outside, children's ministry, tech team, etc.)? *
Are you willing to be contacted to discuss your answers if we have questions? *
Is there anything you would like to mention that would be helpful for us to know as we pray through and think through our continued reopening plans at the church? Comments? (We encourage you to provide your bubble/household name for follow-up.)
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