5p- Society Financial Assistance Scholarship Application for 2020 5p- Society Annual Conference
Our Mission: To maximize quality of life for individuals with 5p- and their families.


Applications are evaluated by the Scholarship Committee of the 5p- Society Board of Directors and are handled in a confidential manner. The board has received donations to fund five (5) scholarships in 2020.

Applicant must show a good faith effort to obtain funding through other sources. For example, a state or local organization that provides funding must be contacted prior to asking for help from the 5p- Society.

It is important to note that no cash or check will be provided to the applicant. Covered expenses are paid directly to the hotel and to the Conference Committee.

For questions, please contact Laura Castillo, 5p- Society Executive Director at 888.970.0777 or director@fivepminus.org.
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