Conway EcoFest 2018 Sponsorship Opportunities
Our mission is to help educate the public on how to grow a healthier community through environmental awareness and our connection to it.

February 5, 2018

Dear Friend,

Can you believe Conway EcoFest is turning 10? That's right, thanks to your ongoing support, we are busy planning our 10th annual outdoor festival set for Saturday, October 6, 2018 in Laurel Park. This year we are focused on creating a new and exciting event where, as always, we will highlight an ever-growing network of peers who work daily to protect our resources, increase sustainability efforts and bring innovation to our rapidly growing community.

Our intent is to showcase our neighbors who are working to protect and grow a healthy community through daily decision-making, show the average citizen how they can join the process and the positive impact that they can have on the environment. In times of increased pollution, drought, illness, and food insecurity we want, more than ever, to connect with the public on ways that their Local Action really can have a Global Impact. This is where you, our sponsors, come in. It’s through your financial support that we are able to educate our neighbors in a free, fun, and exciting way each year. Your investment is well managed to support both our annual festival and newly established education fund where we will award science and art based projects for students. As always, we promise to remain nonpartisan and active in our efforts to create awareness around environmental concerns, solutions to improve and to highlight our community’s connection.

Conway EcoFest remains a volunteer-based and passion-led organization who work to collaborate quarterly on community projects, as well as execute and host a broad scope of interactive and engaging exhibits at our annual educational festival. To remain zero cost to the community while supporting the growing interest and desire to grow as a meaningful and relevant source for environmental education, we need sponsors like you.

In return for your generous and continued support, you will receive the items shown on the next page. Please submit your sponsor application early so we can continue to grow our event and no later than October 1, 2018. We truly appreciate your willingness to support Conway EcoFest through sponsorship.

Treci Buchanan
Executive Director of Conway EcoFest

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