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This form was created to receive applications for MaRINET2 short-courses.
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Specify through which channel you heard about these courses - i.e., through colleagues, or which organisation website, mailing list, etc.
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Travel and Subsistence (T&S) financial support
The courses have no participation fee and each course will have a number of travel and subsistence support grants.

If you wish to apply for a T&S support, make sure you read the following rules and fulfil the pre-requisites:
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Support letter
The candidates applying for T&S support are required to send a scanned support letter by their supervisor (or equivalent), which should include a short description of their research topic and a reference to the student or ESR status.

Please send the document by e-mail to the following address:
Personal details
In this section personal informations must be provided for selection purposes.
There is a set of criteria for the selection of the participants that must be followed so it is important that the information is correct.
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The data from the application will be stored until the end of the project MaRINET2 and will be used solely for courses registration, being deleted when the project is over. The selected participants name, profession and organisation may be published in final reports summarising the short courses and assessing its impact.
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