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Thank you for your interest in my FREE Webinar! Already gone through the Free Introduction to Perfumery and Self-Study Fragrance101 Course but still feel like you need to learn more?
Then this webinar is for you!
Hi! I'm Bernadette and I'm a Professional Perfumer and a Certified Fragrance Specialist. Join me in this Webinar as I share my personal process in creating fragrances for products, brands, retail stores and hotels!
These Webinar is for YOU if...
- Want to learn from a Professional Perfumer and Certified Fragrance Specialist
- Are interested in creating your own fragrances for yourself, your family or friends.
- Want to start your own perfume line
- Are interested in perfumery as a hobby
- Are a product formulator and want to create unique blends for your products using fragrances and essential oils.
- Have already taken other courses and want to learn MORE about perfumery from a PROFESSIONAL
- Just plain curious about Perfumery!

Best if you have previous knowledge of perfumery.
Please note that this is an ONLINE SEMINAR / WEBINAR
1 participant, 1 registration form.
Instructions to access the webinar will be sent a few days via email.
- Learn blending techniques
- Learn proper recording of formulations
- Learning basic creative perfumery

TIME: 6:30PM to 8:00PM

This is a FREE Webinar!

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