Tel-Aviv Pub Quiz (in English!)
Shalom! Here you can register your team to the myQuiz Pub Quiz in English that will be held at the Mike's Place in Tel Aviv on December 9 at 20:00.

Entrance Fee of 40 NIS per participant will be required at the night of the event. (cash only, sorry).
To buy a ticket in advance please click

Some FAQ:

1) Can I use Google?
No! At the start of the night your team will receive a plastic bag where your phone should be the entire time. The bag stays with you. This does mean you will have to spend two hours actually talking to your friends….

2) What is the prize?
Amazing bottles of wine infused with love for general knowledge, as well as eternal glory.

3) Do I have to have 6 people on my team?
You may have between 2 to 6 people on a team. Any number larger than 6 will cost your teams in points.

4) What do you ask about?
Everything from history, geography, literature, tv and cinema, popular science, music, current events, sports.. you get the picture :)

For any questions, please contact us at
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