ATSMUN 2020 (THIMUN affiliated / Web MUN) Student Officers' Applications
Dear applicant,

This year's ATSMUN conference (November 7-8, 2020) is special.
The conference's topic this year is HEAT (Health Environment Action Technology).

Due to the global pandemic crisis, many events and conferences have been taken to the digital world, and so will be our own conference. This special web edition of ATSMUN will need experienced and tech skilled partners to serve as student officers.

By taking MUN online, we hope that the added convenience of not travelling further than one's own house while gaining experience in a THIMUN affiliated conference will be a value proposition both our delegates and our team will appreciate.

Are you ready to be a part of this online MUN experience?
Fill in this application, and you'll have news from us very soon. The selection process will be conducted online.

We thank you for your interest in our conference!

The Organizing Committee
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