Your Holistic Wellness Center, welcome to a whole new way to view the World...

Thank you for choosing Club H2O "a Breath of fresh Air" located at at 219 Broadway E Suite #28 Seattle WA 98102.

Understanding the world around you is important

Its time too break the mold and thrive, like nature intended.

"You’ll simply never see the world the way it used to be." DR. Mary Cargill

We have a simple belief that every human has a common ability to thrive and should be doing so. Helplessness & anxiety are by products of the system we are under, the solution is finding your inner peace. Meditation can be thought of as an ancient technology that can be used to “hack your brain” to assess abilities and feelings famous big brains of the past like Newton & Einstein knew about.

Weight Loss Help
Our minds are under attack, our souls under siege. Its not just a little weight, It’s lack of nutrition, dehydration and poisoning to say the least. Get the facts, understand what you can do to save you and yours. There are many things around you that are affecting your health. We can start by pushing the reset button on your digestive system and getting a clear picture of what's happening to the food around you. Knowledge is power or to quote a famous G.I.Joe “knowing is half the battle”. Be a hero! We have a 2 week or 30 day cleanse that will heal you fast!

Meditation & Mental Wellness
Inner peace & confidence, true love & trust, happiness & hope, excitement & enthusiasm, energy & vitality are all achieved by shutting off the world of voices around you and in your own mind. Yes, we're talking about meditation & simple yoga or stretching. While there may be many methods of meditation, there are few if any that are truly non-religious or political in nature.Our techniques are completely non-religious/political or secular.

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