Balaton trip with ESN Pécs
This trip is organised by the volunteers of ESN Pécs.
Fill in this form carefully, if you have further questions feel free to ask the organisers or write an e-mail to the
Date: 14th - 15th April, 2017
Participation fee: 13.000 HUF
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E-mail address:
Please double check when you type your e-mail address!
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Phone number:
Please write here your phone number (preferably your Hungarian number, if you have) so we can call you during the trip in any case. Don't forget the international calling number - e.g. + 36...)
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Emergency contact:
Please write here a name who we can call in any cases of unexpected situation and her/his phone number.
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Do you have student ID?
If you don't have student ID, the entrance to the Hévíz thermal lake will increase for you - make sure that you get yours before the trip!
Do you need bedlinen in the hostel? (+1000 HUF)
The hostel has dorm-, and double rooms as well. You have the option to bring your own bedlinen and/or sleeping bag. If you don't want carry these stuff, you can have bedlinens in the hostel but it will cost you +1000 HUF.
Number of your ID/Passport:
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Allergies, diseaes:
Please let the organisers know if you are allergic something or have special diseaes so they can act fast in case anything happens.
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Food preference:
Please let the organisers know if you have any special food preference:
Food preference:
I agree with the terms and conditions that are: the orgnisers will provide your necessary data for the bus company and the accommodation, but will not give it to another parties. At the trip, the first 45 people who signs up have spot on the bus, BUT if they don't show any interest to pay the participation fee after the warning messages, their spot will be canceled and given to the persons on the waiting list. The organisers reserve the right to change the program if it is necessary (e.g. bad weather conditions.)
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