Testing Signup - Youngstown ARS Composite Squadron
Here is the signup sheet for the November 2019 testing night. Please sign up NLT midnight Sunday November 10, 2019.

You must sign up for a Milestone test each month you wish to take it. I will no longer carry your names forward, from the prior month, if you did not pass your Milestone test. Make sure you study for these tests before hand.

You will have to pass a uniform inspection prior to being permitted to test. Be sure to wear a complete CAP uniform. The correct UOD for testing night is the "ABU'S" uniform. I will allow you to test one time wearing a complete, correct ABU on the regular testing night. You must contact the supply officer to make arrangements to have a complete "ABU'S" uniform by the following testing night.

Questions regarding testing signup need to be submitted to your flight sergeant.

Wanda Boerio, 2d Lt.
Youngstown ARS Composite Squadron Testing Officer
wanda.boerio@ohwg.cap.gov or (C) 330.518.6694
Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary
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In-Person Testing
Please provide the reason why you are requesting to take the aerospace or leadership achievement test in-person rather than online. You may ignore this question if you are taking an old curriculum leadership test.
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