Federated Nodes Whitelist - Expression of interest

1. All forms that are submitted BEFORE the launch of Mainnet are entitled to the whitelist discount (-30%).

2. Once you have submitted the completed form, Pylon team will contact you to inform you if all information is correctly inserted and eventually, confirm your registration for a federated node.

3. You are required to specify whether you are a "Normal User" or a "Pro User". This corresponds to the technical skills required to set up Pylon's Federated Nodes.
"Normal User" = an easy system for the end user to operate a node. The user makes a deposit of tokens and the Pylon Network team will mount and maintain a node. The user will receive a private encrypted key, which by importing it to the official pylon network wallet, he/she will be able to access and view their balance of PYLNC. The status of the node will be shown in the blockchain explorer.
"Pro User" = An image will be downloaded and installed on a server. This image will already have integrated the Coin Address where you will be receiving the mining reward. To connect the node with Pylon Network you will have to enter the KEY (certificate) which will be provided by Pylon Network team.

4. Depending on your selection (normal user or pro user) we will provide you with instructions on how to set up your node and what actions you are required to take AFTER the submission of the form and the validation of the provided details by Pylon Network team.
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