A Faith Journey Review
At Good Sam, we want to partner with you in life and faith. This tool is for you to explore your faith journey and your feelings about it. This is an invitation for you to reflect. Take a moment to think about and answer these questions as a way to inventory your feelings about your journey of faith.

At the end of this self-study, you’ll have an opportunity to share what you’ve discovered about your faith journey with the Stewardship Team, should you want to do so. Sharing is entirely up to you. If you do so, we’ll offer some suggestions about what you might do with your discoveries. As always, your responses will remain confidential.

So that all members of your family can embark on their faith journey, please copy this form for others in your household, go online at goodsam.community to download a copy or use the online form.

Note: Some questions invite you to write out your thoughts, some ask you to check the best answer, and some to check as many as apply to you.

1. FAITH BEGINNINGS (check your best answer or write one)
My earliest glimmer of faith welling up in me was:
What I like best about being a person of faith is:
The hardest thing I have wrestled with in my faith life is:
When I think of the gifts that I have received which have helped me along the way toward faith, I think of :
Your answer
2. PEOPLE (list, circle the best answer, or check all that apply)
People who have had an important impact on my faith life are: (list a few of them)
Your answer
I think it would be good for me to feel more connected to people I don’t yet know well at church.
Having an inspiring interaction with someone new sometimes makes me feel like God is right there helping things along.
I would like to feel more often that I was an inspiration to another person’s faith.
Small groups for community and faith growing
3. WORSHIP (Check the best answer or fill in the blank)
Worship and community life at church have had a:
I currently attend Worship (please note below which of the 3 choices best describes your response--indicating the number of times in your answer): # times a month, # times a quarter, or # times a year.
Your answer
In the coming year I would like to challenge myself to attend worship _____ time(s) a month.
Your answer
I find myself thinking about topics, themes or a thought from Sunday Worship (or a sermon) later during the week.
I have gone to www.goodsam.community to listen to a sermon from a past Sunday.
I would enjoy a group invitation to discuss or think more about something that occurred to me during Sunday Worship.
4. STUDY AND LEARNING (Fill in an answer or check all that apply.)
The book of the Bible I enjoy reading most has been
Your answer
The last Bible Study I really got into was how long ago
Your answer
My current feeling about getting into exploring the Bible is best described by:
Another form of study and learning I would enjoy would be:
Finding a way to serve and give back has been an important part of growing in faith for me.
I am currently serving in ways that are nurturing my faith.
I enjoy taking occasional opportunities to engage with others through serving my community.
I believe stepping out of my comfort zone to serve, care or know another person is an act of faith that God can make use of.
I would like to have more opportunities to step out, meet people in my community, especially if it helped me grow in faith.
If Good Sam could offer quarterly local mission experiences or annual long distance mission trips I would get involved.
The greatest gift I have given which I continue to feel good about was:
Your answer
The greatest gift I have given which I continue to feel good about was:
Your answer
For me, regular giving has been:
I am learning to accept God’s invitation to grow in faith and in giving through regular consistent and increased involvement.
For me, the hardest part of learning to give more is:
It feels good to stretch myself to give more because:
7. GIVING AND GROWING IN MISSION (Complete this section if you choose to share your responses with us.)
At Good Sam, we want to partner in the growing of faith in your life. Please tell us one or two ways that we might be a gift to you in the process of growing in your faith.
Your answer
Other comments, questions or thoughts you would like to share with us about growing in faith and mission together here at Good Sam.
Your answer
Again, if you’d like to share the results of your faith review with us so that we can better partner with you and offer some suggestions about what you might do with your discoveries, please complete and submit your review by October 15 to the church office c/o Stewardship Team. Be sure to include your NAME below. Sharing of this information is your choice and will remain confidential.
To share with us, include your NAME here:
Your answer
Please check here if you would like to speak with Pastor Mitch or a church leader about faith stretching opportunities that might be right for you, your interests and availability in the coming year.
Consecration Sunday – Oct. 22. We invite you to Consecration Sunday (October 22, 9:00 A.M. Worship and Celebration Meal immediately following) as one step in the process of committing yourself to giving and growing in faith in the coming year. Our Guest Leader is Pastor Ray Ranker, Campus Pastor at UM College Park and Co-Pastor of Hope Lutheran in College Park. On that day, we invite you to offer your own commitment to step forward in giving and growing in mission for 2018. Please join us for these engaging and vital activities in building lives of faith in our community.
If sharing your "Faith Journey Review" with us, please check here to make your reservation for our Celebration Meal on October 22, following Worship. Indicate the NUMBER attending the Celebration Meal from your family (in the "Other" section below).
Thank you so much for completing and, if you choose, submitting your "Faith Journey Review." If you are sharing this (in confidence) with the Stewardship Team, please click the "SUBMIT" button at the end of this form. Otherwise, you can print this form and your answers for your own Journey review.
Your “Giving and Growing in Mission” 2017 Stewardship Team, John Scheffler, John Jewell, Tim Foust, Sandra German-Vasquez, Anita Goehringer and Pastor Mitch Watney
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