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Thank you for considering us. We aim to deliver the best content on the planet. Thank you for considering us worthy of your time.

BoS is a tightly curated conference where we put an emphasis on sharing ideas about building great software and software companies. We have over 500 applications to speak a year and also approach people we believe will bring value to the event independently.

Almost without exception, the speakers we select to speak have, at the very least, attended the event which demonstrates their interest in the community and their understanding of the audience and the style of content and talk that works best. We have not found applications, particularly from professional speakers who have not previously attended, to be a good source of talks that resonate with our audience.

Take CARE with your application. We strongly recommend you review our criteria for selecting speakers here where we consider four main things:

You can apply to speak at any time. We do not have a fixed deadline to select speakers as we prefer to optimize content for quality and if we feel there is a topic that hasn't been covered effectively with existing applications, speakers we already know or have invited, we will go and find the best person we can to speak on the topic.

* PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept applications to speak from third party agencies on behalf of clients. We do not accept nor are we able to respond to unsolicited pitches from paid speakers, 'thought leaders', motivational speakers. We have so many of these type of applications that we simply do not have the bandwidth to respond to them.
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