FBID Board Member Application
The Board of Directors is responsible for all activities of the Fortuna Business Improvement District. The Board of Directors is solely responsible for determining policy, approving the annual budget, and determining the goals and objectives of the Corporation and its work programs.

Each Director should have or provide:
~A demonstrated interest in the Corporation's purposes and its goals;
~Specific experience in and/or knowledge of administration, finance, program development, advertising,
public relations, business activity, communications, design, or economic development;
~4-10 hours per month of available time to spend on corporate activities

Directors are jointly responsible for Policy Administration:
~Establishing and/or continuing the legal existence of the Corporation.
~Ensuring that the Corporation fulfills legal requirements in the conduct of its business and affairs;
~Adopting and administering by-laws;
~Adopting policies which determine the purpose, governing principles, functions, activities, and
courses of action of the Corporation;
~Assuming responsibility for internal policies governing the corporation;
~Developing an annual work plan of goals, objectives, and activities for the Corporation.
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