Welcome to Band at Lewis Cass Junior High!
I am very happy to be part of your journey. You have chosen to be a part of one of the most successful activities at Lewis Cass Jr/Sr High School. As a member of the Lewis Cass Bands, you will enjoy many rewards, future experiences and great memories. Most of this is because of YOUR hard work as a student, but also because of the support from your parents, and the encouragement from a community that has shared their pride in our instrumentalists.

Feel free to email or reach out at any time with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Mr. Tyler Long, Junior High Band Director
(574) 626-2511 x4043

Mr. Alan Hinshaw, High School Band Director
(574) 626-2511 x4065
Band Room and Rehearsal Expectations
1. Be on time!
The faster we are ready to play, the more time we are able to play. Students will have three minutes from the beginning of the class period to be ready to play (and instrument tuned for seventh and eighth grade wind students).

2. Do not run in the band room.
Running and goofing around can cause damage to instruments and/or students in the band room. Take care of yourself and your responsibilities when you enter and exit the band room!

3. Do not play an instrument that is not yours.
Instruments are expensive! If you damage another student’s instrument, you will be financially responsible.

4. When a director is talking, please do not talk yourself.
Our time is extremely valuable together. The less time the director talks, the more time we can play. Follow instructions the first time they are given.

5. When we are not playing together, do not play yourself.
Please do practice at home, not during band class! Unless the time and space is given otherwise, we either play together or not at all.

6. Raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak.
There are too many students in the band room to be shouting out comments and answers all at once!

7. Please no gum, food, or drink (except water) in the band room.
Let’s respect our facilities and our incredible custodial staff!
Grading and Scoring
1. Participation
Students will earn a participation point each day by abiding by the band expectations, for a maximum of 5 points per week. If a student fails to meet a band expectation, the student will receive a verbal warning. If the behavior continues to occur, the student will lose their participation point for the day. Parents will be emailed or called if consistent misbehavior occurs.

2. Playing Quizzes
At least once per quarter, students will play a short excerpt from their band repertoire for the instructor that teaches their sectional rehearsal (Mr. Long or Mr. Hinshaw). Students will be graded on their performance of this excerpt with an extensive rubric, focusing on musical elements such as expression, dynamics, and pitch accuracy.

3. Concert Attendance
The music department at Lewis Cass Jr/Sr High School presents three concerts each year on which the junior high bands are featured. Therefore, each concert is required by students to attend. Some academic quarters will have a concert within it, and some will not. Concert attendance is mandatory. Students will only be excused for reasons that one would be excused from a normal school day for. Please provide a note or email for the student’s absence. If no communication is made, or if the absence is not excused per the rules of the school student handbook, the student will receive 0 points for that concert.

4. Miscellaneous Assignments (including eLearning)
All band activities that are individually completed will fit into this category. eLearning assignments will be completed at home and will relate to theoretical concepts developed in class.

5. Progress and Improvement
While all junior high bands will improve every rehearsal, every quarter students will be assessed by the avenues and amount by which they improved during that quarter. This rubric will contain categories such as rehearsal etiquette, embouchure, posture, and others.
Score Breakdown
Percentage of final grade:

30% - Participation
25% - Playing Quizzes
20% - Concert Attendance
15% - Theory Thursday and eLearning
10% - Progress and Improvement
Beginning and Cadet Band Uniform

- White concert shirt
*Shirts will be kept at school between concerts on hangers (to ensure they remain in good shape), and at the
completion of the student’s last eighth grade concert, the shirt may be taken home.
- Black dress pants (provided by student)
- Men: Black dress shoes
- Women: Black flats

Honor Band Uniform

- Navy blue concert shirt
*Shirts will be kept at school between concerts on hangers (to ensure they remain in good shape), and at the
completion of the student’s last eighth grade concert, the shirt may be taken home.
- Khaki pants (provided by student)
- Dress shoes of any kind
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