Mindful Living Scholarship
We understand that some people may not have access to resources that allow them to contribute to the costs of running this program. We are committed to accessibility – no participant will be turned away for lack of funds. Furthermore, in our economic climate, we understand participants may need additional financial assistance to help pay for their basic living expenses during their time in the program. Participants may apply to join the program at a reduced rate or at no cost and also to receive a stipend of up to $350/month by filling out this scholarship application.
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What are your financial circumstances and need? If you are willing and able, please share last year's gross income and dollar estimate of your assets (for example: checking, savings, retirement accounts, investments, trusts, alimony, equity, etc.)
Do you belong to one or more marginalized or under-served communities?
How do you describe your vocation and career? What is your relationship and aspirations with work?
What ways are you planning for financial and material security in your future? What kind of assets do you think you would need over the next ten years to feel financially secure?
What level of contribution/scholarship are you asking for?
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