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1. MEDICAL - LOCO PARENTIS. I fully understand that in the event of a critical accident the staff at TBS would act in Loco Parentis.
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2. I agree to provide the school with all necessary and requested information relating to my child to ensure that they can support them appropriately, including but not limited to information related to academic, medical, emotional, social and behavioural needs. 
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3. SCHOOL VISITS – GENERAL CONSENT. We as parents fully understand that our child may be taken out of the School as part of their educational programme. We permit our child to leave the premises whilst accompanied by a member of staff. The school will inform you when these visits are due to occur and will ask for additional consent only if there is a payment or overnight stay.
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4. TBS PHOTOGRAPHIC – CONSENT.  We consent to photography, videos and audio recordings being taken which may include our child. This may include your child's performances on stage or their learning activities. We accept that these may be used in TBS publications/social media.
5. EXTERNAL PHOTOGRAPHIC – CONSENT.  We consent to the photography, videos and audio recordings being made of our child that may be used beyond TBS e.g. media outlets, educational organisations etc.
6. E-MAIL CIRCULATION. We consent to our email address being used on parent/carer group lists. We will not provide your information to others as standard, but at times may consider doing so for specific, appropriate purposes. *
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7. FEE SCHEDULE. We have read and understood the fee schedule and its policies, including the requirement to give a minimum of one calendar month's notice before the last day teaching day of term in the case of withdrawal. There may be financial consequences if this is not adhered to. *
8. We agree to the Home School Partnership

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9. We are aware of school policies and agree to abide by these  *
10. We understand that the weekly school newsletter (Yeti News) contains essential information which parents/carers should be aware of. We agree to read this weekly to keep up to date with key information. *
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