Want to learn more about the Pay Equity Exchange? We launch early 2022!
The Pay Equity Exchange is for senior leaders and HR professionals of small to midsize organizations (20-500 employees) who seek to be on the cutting edge of pay equity.

It is designed to empower companies with the knowledge, skills, and tools to examine their own gender pay equity situations and to design strategies for achieving and maintaining equity.

Criteria to participate:

✔️Executive commitment to achieve pay equity and support for program participation.
✔️A dedicated staff member to attend 8 two-hour group training sessions, to lead this work within the company for a full-year, and to complete homework assignments.
✔️Defined pay ranges for each company position (if you do not yet have set pay ranges, there will be time before the program starts to get these in place.)

Learn more: genclusive.com/pay-equity
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