Getting to know you: tell us more!
Please take a few minutes to tell us a little more about your experiences with The Civic Theatre. We will use this information to improve our communications with you and help us set priorities surrounding our programming and community programs and services.
1. What is your connection with The Civic Theatre? (please check all that apply)
2. Local business owners, what is your business name?
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3. What Civic Theatre events do you enjoy? (please check all that apply)
4. Which of these events are most important to you and why?
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5. What three words would you use to describe The Civic Theatre?
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6. We are planning to add two more screens to the upper back area of our auditorium, while keeping the original stage and screen we know and love. What do you think of this plan?
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7. What is a fun experience or special memory you have from The Civic Theatre?
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8. How do you learn about movies and events at The Civic Theatre? (please check all that apply)
9. Do you have any other questions or comments for us?
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