Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership Observation Form
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Rubric Criteria: This assessment will use the Pennsylvania State Standards Rubric to evaluate artists.
This is a four point scale with a generalized criteria listed below:

4 Advanced: exceptional artistry, exceeds expectations in presenting and implementing goals and objectives of teaching and learning; functions at a high level of classroom performance; demonstrates originality and creativity

3 Proficient: meets requirements for the most part for good artistry; demonstrates an understanding of teaching and learning goals, gives solid performance implementing them but does not exceed expectations

2 Basic: demonstrates partial or some understanding of goals and objectives of teaching and learning in the classroom; performance or implementation is below average

1 Below Basic: fails to achieve all or all most all of the requirements for solid understanding of presenting goals and objectives of teaching and learning in an artist residency

NA Non-applicable
Use of a lesson plan was apparent whether formally or informally. *
Workshop was organized and thoughtfully planned to make sure participants were engaged..
Workshop goals were clearly presented in a sequential way. *
Teaching artist was able to immediately attract students' interest in workshop activities. *
Materials and lesson plan were age appropriate. *
Materials were presented in a way that enabled students to understand what they were to do and how to do it. *
Teaching artist had planned the use of time for the workshop well including time for clean up. *
Workshop was experiential with hands on activities. *
Teaching artist used a variety of activities that were well paced. *
Activities of workshop demonstrated teaching artist's imaginativeness and creativity. *
Teaching artist made connections to academic learning and/or literacy learning. *
Teaching artist either introduced new art vocabulary words and vocabulary words relevant to the project or reinforced words that had been previously introduced. *
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