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Disability Research - this Roundtable is to support groups working in Disability Research including: Quality of Life/Living Well, Policy, Special Education, and Culture & Politics of Disability. An associated call has not been identified at this time.
Disability Research
Introduction by Vice President Andy Weyrich

Tuesday, September 24, 3:30 - 5:00 pm
Gardner Commons Room 4150
Refreshments provided

The areas we hope to touch on:
Quality of Life/Living Well
Special Education
Culture & Politics of Disability

Participants will be asked to:
- present a brief summary of their research,
- identify how their work could be enhanced with collaboration, and
- share their big ideas and dreams.

This first meeting will help researchers comprehend the breadth of disability research on Main Campus and the Health Science campus. We anticipate a series of follow up meetings.

About Research Roundtables:

Research Roundtables are supported by the Research Development Office and hosted by NEXUS to foster new collaboration and research teams across campus. Topics are centered around research that is of interest to a broad range of disciplines. These events are meant to:

1. Catalyze faculty exploration of interdisciplinary research topics;
2. Discuss strategies to advance research ideas; and
3. Explore potential federal and non-federal funders for interdisciplinary research.
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