Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Saving Shibas Inc. (“SSI”). SSI is a volunteer group under the guidance of state laws, county laws and local animal control officers. Understand this is an application only and in no way guarantees approval. Your waiver/agreement will be reviewed and if accepted, you will be contacted. Volunteers must be 18 years old or older. The Board of SSI may deny your application for any reason.
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Prior to fostering, I/We acknowledge that a home visit will be performed by SSI at my residence, similar to the adoption process. By signing this application I/We understand I/We will be subject to a background check. Reasons for denial of this application could be (but not limited to): convictions of any felonies including drug use or sale of drugs, convictions of animal abuse, animal neglect or animal abandonment, convictions of repeated DUIs, misuse of monies or history of surrendering animals to shelters. *
Please provide 3 animal related references (if possible) and phone numbers below:
Volunteer Obligations
1. Acknowledges that the foster dog(s) are temporarily under my care and are not my property.
2. Understands that family members and/or friends under the age of 18 may not accompany me on rescue activities (ie shelter visits, home visits, vet offices, etc.) while volunteering.
3. Agrees that my/our pets are and will remain current on all vaccinations and that I/We will take precautions when introducing and integrating the foster dog to my/our pets (ie- cats, dogs, and any/all other animals within the home). I/We understand that my pet(s) must be current on all vaccinations, spayed/neutered, current on flea preventatives and have been properly licensed with my local animal agency if I ever foster an animal through SSI.
4. Will permit home visits performed at my/our residence, similar to the adoption process.
5. Understands that fostering is typically a 10-14 week commitment. During that time the foster dog will be cared for in my/our home. I/We will evaluate the foster dog’s behaviors, observe the health of the foster dog, complete all medical attention, vaccinate the foster dog and complete spay/ neuter procedure(s), where applicable. I/We will evaluate the foster dog on how it does with adults, children, other dogs, cats and other pets, if possible.
6. Provide digital pictures and written descriptions/biographies to be posted on public forums, which gives potential adopter(s) the chance to see the dog and contact me with questions and/or to express their interest in the dog. I/We will assist on determining the ideal match for the foster dog(s), out of the SSI approved potential adopter(s).
7. Perform animal shelter visits, if needed. I/We agree to evaluate the potential rescue Shiba(s) to determine if the foster Shiba Inu is deemed “safe” as according to the SSI Policies and Procedures. I/ We will perform basic health and behavior evaluations to determine if the dog is a purebred Shiba Inu and would be adoptable under the program.
8. Assist with and perform home visits, if needed. I/We agree to evaluate the potential adopter(s) and their household, and review the conditions of their lifestyle and home to determine if the foster Shiba Inu will be maintained in a loving and nurturing environment.
9. Acknowledges that SSI and it’s volunteers’ identities and places of residence shall remain private. Potential adopter(s) shall visit the foster dog at neutral locations (ie- parks and other public dog friendly locations), other than my/our home.
10. Assist in community outreach events throughout the year. These may include fundraisers, meet- ups, expos, adoption events, picnics/parties, and other various events and activities. Volunteers may be needed to help set up, clean up, staff booths/tables, coordinate food, fund-raise, as well as many other important duties.
11. Provide care for the foster dogs humanely (including adequate food, shelter, water, and veterinary care) and in accordance with the laws in the jurisdiction in which I reside. I/We also agree to keep this dog as a foster pet, to be exercised in a fenced yard or on a leash, and not allow it to roam freely.
12. Agree not to sell, trade, or dispose of this dog in any way, but to return the dog to SSI and/or it’s volunteers if at any time I wish to relinquish custody of said dog.
13. Will assist SSI with placing foster dog(s) in an adoptive home only after the adoption agreement(s) has been signed and after SSI’s approval process.
14. It is understood that SSI and it’s volunteers may make inquiry about and/or examine their foster dogs at any time; if the condition of the foster dog(s) or the conditions under which it/they is (are) being kept are found to be unsatisfactory, the foster dog(s) may be reclaimed by SSI immediately and my membership may be revoked.
15. In the event that I/We may want to keep the foster dog(s) as our own, I/We agree to notify SSI of our request immediately.
16. Will maintain and keep records (ie medical, animal registrations such as AKC, surrender agreements and any/all documentation received from animal shelters) on the foster dog(s) and provide original paperwork to SSI. It is understood that these documents shall remain confidential and not shared with non-SSI, or non-rescue entities.
17. Understands the importance of dog training and will participate in lessons with an accredited dog trainer, chosen and approved by SSI, where applicable.
18. Provide weekly “check-ins” and progress reports to SSI on any/all foster dog(s) placed under my care.
I/We promise and agree to be solely responsible for any and all foster dogs and to indemnify and hold harmless SSI, and its volunteers from any and all claims of liability for the conduct of my own pet(s).
If any foster dog is evaluated as “unsafe” to any humans and/or my pet(s), I/We agree to notify SSI immediately and agree to take precautions by removing the foster dog from causing harm to any and all persons and animals. I/We acknowledge that if any of my/our pets cause harm to the foster dog, I/We agree to notify SSI immediately so that the foster dog may be placed in a safer environment.
I/We further agree(s) and intend(s) that this VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT shall apply to all known, unknown, and unanticipated damages resulting from any and all foster Shiba Inu.

I/We acknowledge that at any time I/We are unable to abide by the Volunteer Obligations, my membership with SSI will be terminated and the foster dog(s) placed with me/us will be removed. It is understood that in the events of resignation or removal from membership with SSI, I/We agree to return any shelter or SSI property in good, clean condition. No cages/crates are to be loaned to anyone outside of the group. I/We also agree to discontinue use of association with SSI.
The undersigned(s) further acknowledge(s) that this VOLUNTEER WAIVER AND AGREEMENT shall permit SSI to perform a background check and home check.
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