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Would your child benefit from and attend... *
Saturday school (occasionally and subject specific: I.e., Maths, Art, Music)
Online, 1-1 tuition sessions, in the evening/after school, from expert tutors in English/Maths/Science
Staying after school, in P6 (3.20-4.20), to do specific, subject catch ups
Small group tuition in English and Maths, after school or at weekends
A reading intervention (someone reading and working on comprehension with them) in mentor time
A numeracy intervention, in small groups, in mentor time
Peer tutoring by our sixth formers (past and present) at lunchtime or after school
Continued use of Google Classroom, setting additional, short, 10 minute learning check tasks which they can do at their own pace
Holiday sessions at half terms (subject specific days)
A short program in independent study and strategies (to learn time management etc)
A mentor ‘check in’ of their current position each week with regard to ‘catching up’
Challenge in terms of 'Mastery Learning Sessions' after school or on Saturdays
More specific guidance and help with home learning
Vocabulary extension program (most likely to be predominantly online)
A printed workbook to work through at home with you
Are you able to pick up and drop off your child for any extra sessions? *
Has your child got access to a computer and internet at home? *
If you answered 'No' to the question above, would the loan of a laptop and/or internet dongle help?
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If we were to open our school canteen at 3.20 for a quick 10-15 minutes snack break and provide sandwiches and wraps, pizza, veg sticks and hummus etc; would this mean they would be more likely to stay? *
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