Kerrville Robotics Alliance Handbook Quiz
After students read the KRA handbook, they should complete this quiz to show their understanding.
If there is disagreement within the team, who is ultimately responsible for determining the direction the team will take?
In order to become a project lead, students should
Which of the following are reasons a student may be asked to leave the team? (Choose all that apply.)
Robotics students should wear safety glasses at all times when working on the robot.
If you are sick, you should
The following areas of the team meeting space need to be cleaned after every practice. (Check all that apply.)
The Business Team is responsible for which of the following awards? (Choose all that apply.)
The Engineering Team is responsible for which of the following awards? (Choose all that apply.)
In order to be on the drive team, students should plan to
Student leaders are expected to do all of the following
Students may be required to purchase a polo shirt for competitions.
Which of the following are important roles for parents? (Check all that apply.)
What is the best way to be active in leadership on the robotics team?
Which of the following team roles interest you? (Check all that apply.)
Share how you have contributed to the success of a FIRST team in the past (or another team if you are new to FIRST).
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What goals do you believe are important for the team in the coming season? Why is it important for the team to achieve these goals?
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What do you love about being on a robotics team, or, if you are new, why do you want to be on a robotics team?
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