RESET Teacher Survey
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Please provide your grade level *
The RESET volunteer(s) affected my students’ enthusiasm level for science/math *
The experiences and activities provided by volunteer(s) have successfully represented an education/career pathway for my students to consider for their own futures *
 The experiments and demonstrations held student attention and helped them learn some principle of science, technology, engineering or math? *
The volunteer(s) related learning activities and lessons to every-day phenomena to which the students could relate *
Relative to other ways classroom time could be utilized, I expect the volunteer's program to improve my students' performance in science and math.   *
The experiences and activities provided by the volunteer(s) were directly connected to my current teaching topics. *
Please share your thoughts about RESET for other schools and teachers that are considering a partnership with RESET
What suggestions do you have for the improving the presentation of this RESET program in the future? What other feedback would you like to provide?
Thank you very much for your time and for collaborating with RESET.  
If you have questions, please contact Keith Osterhage at 703-690-8187, email, website         
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